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10U Coaches Information

Coaching Education
Volunteer recreation coaches are required to attend the preseason meetings held by the Lazers Staff coaches.  Volunteer coaches are required to meet minimum licensing standards in order to coach in the recreation program.  Courses to meet requirements will be offered during the fall and/or spring seasons.  The current licensing requirements are:

10U Head Coaches: National “E” License
10U Assistant Coaches: “F” License

Concussion Information
"What is a Concussion?" (video)
Information For Parent and Student Athletes -- Click Here for Details
Concussion Information For Coaches -- Click Here for Details
New Georgia State Law Concussion Information -- Click Here for Details

All training will be held at Handley Park.  Games will take place at Handley Park and Peachtree City.

2 times a week for 60 minutes each session. 

For specific dates, please go to the “Game and Training Schedules” section of the website.

Game Play

  • Games are divided into two, 30 minute halves with a five minute halftime.
  • Games will be played 7v7.
  • No team roster is used.

Primary - Black Jersey, Black Shorts, Black Socks
Secondary - White Jersey, Black Shorts, White Socks

Inclement weather procedure
In case of Thunder/Lightning, please wait 30 minutes from the last time you hear thunder within 30 seconds of seeing a strike of lightning before resuming training. During games, the referee has complete control of any suspension or canceling of games.

Laws of the Game

FIFA Laws of the Game

Understanding Offsides - The Gray Areas

CDC 'Heads Up' Concussion Fact Sheet

Substitutions and Playing Time Requirements
Half of each game is the mandated playing minimum per player, as long as the player has upheld his or her half of the player/parent agreement. It is recommended that whenever possible all players should play three-fourths of each game, unless the player is unwilling or unable.

There shall be five times to substitute.

  • On your team’s throw-in
  • On any goal kick
  • At halftime
  • After a goal
  • Injured player

Goalkeeper Playing Time
Each player must play a half a game in a non-goalkeeper position.

Game Cancellations/Reschedules
If games are cancelled due to weather, the field scheduler will reschedule all games at the same time.

All non-weather related requests for game reschedules must be sent to and approved by the field scheduler at least 10 days prior to the scheduled game date. If you need to reschedule, please contact the coach of the opposing team and determine three dates/times for the reschedule. Send the request for reschedule to the field scheduler and they will let you know when a field is available for the game.

Field Closings
In the case of inclement weather, the field status will be updated on the Tyrone Lazers website. The field status will be updated by 3:00 PM during the week and by 7:00 AM on the weekend. You can receive automatic field status notifications via email or text message through

In the case of lightning, everyone must vacate the field for a minimum of 30 minutes from the last occurrence.

Each coach will receive their rosters through the website.  Coaches can not add players to their own rosters! All players must be registered with the Recreation Registrar.

Player Equipment
Players are required to wear shin guards under their socks during each game and practice. Additionally, they should bring a properly inflated size 4 ball and plenty of water to drink.  Georgia Soccer youth rules require that players 4U-10U, can only wear rubber molded cleats.

Match Suggestions
In our younger age groups where we play soccer “in-house” here are some suggestions for helping games run smoother.

• When a team is short on players for a match the coaches should get together and mix the teams so that games are fair and remain fun for all the kids. At no time should a team be playing short players on the field. The youngest age groups are about player development, not winning. 

• Sometimes we have games where one team is scoring lots of goals and dominating play. It is suggested that the teams halt play and mix up so that every kid can enjoy the soccer experience. There is no need to win 10-0; it does not build confidence but turns players away from the game of soccer. Our objective is for kids to play soccer not quit because they are not having fun.

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